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Natural Gas—8 out of 10 Vermonters use natural gas where it’s available, it’s the smart choice

Economical & Affordable
Over time, Natural Gas has been the least expensive way to provide heat and hot water to your home (See Figure 1). Historically Vermont Gas customers have saved significant energy dollars. Over the past 5 years natural gas has been 19% less expensive than heating oil and 44% less expensive than propane. See Figure 2 for the current comparison.

Switching is Easy and Inexpensive
One call will get it done—period. When you become a Vermont Gas customer, there’s no heavy lifting at your end. In most cases, we’ll bring in the gas line at no charge. Most oil users have equipment that can be converted with no upfront costs. Natural gas is competitively priced.

Natural Gas Rates are regulated by the Vermont Public Service Board. Natural Gas rates cannot change without State approval unlike Fuel Oil, Propane and Kerosene.

Environmentally Friendly
Natural gas burns clean. By using natural gas instead of oil or wood, you can personally play a role in reducing air pollution.

Peace Of Mind & Convenient

Reliable, Convenient, and Versatile
Never run out of fuel again. Natural Gas is piped directly from the supply source to your house. Pay for your energy after you use it…not before. Natural Gas is ideal for space & water heating, fireplaces, cooking, barbecuing, and clothes drying.

Why Vermont Gas?

High customer satisfaction
In a survey of new customers, Vermont Gas came back with a remarkable “grade”: 100% of new Vermont Gas customers said they were glad they switched. We track customer satisfaction closely—and our strong commitment to customer service delivers consistently high ratings.

24/7 service
We have a staff of 20 highly trained technicians to install and repair natural gas equipment. Call anytime, 24/7, and you’ll get a knowledgeable Vermont Gas employee on the phone. Plus, you’ll never be without emergency service.

Your benefits don’t stop on day one. They begin.
Having natural gas is just the starting point. You’ll also have the added value of our team of energy experts to help you reduce your energy costs. We offer energy audits, equipment rebates and financing, and cash incentives for energy saving improvements. Plus, the convenience of budget payment and service plans.

Rebates & Incentives

Equipment Rebates
Vermont Gas rebates up to $600.00 of the purchase price to customers who install high efficiency home and water heating equipment.

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