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Experience shows that an annual inspection reduces the likelihood of service calls over the coming year.

An annual check-up includes:

• Checking carbon monoxide levels and adjusting combustion as necessary for safe operation.
• Visual inspection of vent system for corrosion or obstructions.
• Checking that the system is drafting properly.
• Cleaning pilots, burners and flame sensors.
• Lubricating inducer or blower motors, if needed.
• Replacing furnace blower belts, if needed.
• Checking boiler system pressure.

The cost of an inspection is $98. Discounts are available if you purchase a 24/7 Service Plan with inspection.

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Inspections are required for condos, rentals & public buildings

The Vermont Fire and Building Safety Code now requires all fuel fired heating appliances be cleaned and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and inspected at least once during any 2 year period by a certified technician.

The inspection must include a measurement of Carbon Monoxide. The appliance must be marked with the date of inspection and the name and certificate number of the person who performs the inspection.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC)
recommends annual inspections of heating systems.

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